EAHEA's Accreditation for Distance Learning Centres

EAHEA is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, EAHEA grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

Regional accreditation bodies have dutifully evaluated education providers on a regional scale and granted them Primary Accreditation. However, the rapid growth of globalization calls for a global entity which can evaluate them against internationally proven standards of education and grant them an internationally recognized Secondary Accreditation. EAHEA provides international accreditation to the education providers to serve as secondary accreditation, enhance the entity's regional accreditation and assures stakeholders that the educational program, policies and procedures of the institute, university and school are up to the international standards of quality. EAHEA's International Accreditation represents an education provider's commitment to delivering quality which is on a par with the global standards. It assures the stakeholders that their degrees & credits will have increased acceptability around the world, should they decide to study or work abroad.

EAHEA also offers international accreditation services to small, medium and large scale corporations. EAHEA's international accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality. It assures the business community's confidence and trust in your business structure, management & performance. It also provides international recognition of your business and quality practices all over the world.

EAHEA Mission

The mission of EAHEA is to establish, preserve and promote the finest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training and networking to educational institutes, professionals, students & corporations.

Global Presence

EAHEA has regional chapters and presence in several regional locations around the world to facilitate our international accreditation process.

EAHEA has founded chapters to establish and strengthen quality standards for traditional and non-traditional educational institutes and corporations in different regions across the globe. EAHEA has experts in its team who are well aware of the dynamics of the regional education and buisness system and possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to serve respective fields.

The chapters are responsible for organizing seminars, workshops and expos that facilitate EAHEA in serving educational universities and other stakeholders in a specific region.

EAHEA Accreditation

Get your institute accredited from EAHEA and join the league of world's leading education providers. EAHEA also offers accrediation to corporations, professionals and students.

EAHEA Membership

EAHEA offers membership for Educational Institutes. Get Membership for your educational institutes from EAHEA and become a part of a community of over 12k institutions.

EAHEA has helped a large number of education providers, students, organizations around the world with its membership services. A number of traditional and non-traditional educational institutes have become EAHEA educational institute members and have been granted Candidacy status by EAHEA all over the world.

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