The mission of EAHEA is to establish, preserve and promote the finest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training, and networking to universities, colleges, schools, educational institutes, vocational institutions, distance learning centers, online courses, corporations, professionals, qualified individuals, instructors, and students.

EAHEA is a non-governmental, independent, and international membership organization and quality assurance agency that promotes research, collaboration, best practices, and evidence-based research to move together into the era of increasingly digitized education. A leader in the transition from old norms to new standards for a new age. The agency equips individuals and institutions committed to such changes with the knowledge they need to bring those changes about.

To pursue these aims, EAHEA:

  • Envisions and articulates agendas for change.
  • Contributes to the knowledge of a diverse group of leaders committed to the systemic, long-term, cost-effective improvement of European higher education.
  • Provides forums in which individuals from a variety of positions and institutions, within and outside higher education, can engage in constructive conversations about difficult issues.
  • Identifies and advocates practices that help individuals benefit from their differences and succeed in learning.
  • Documents and promotes new concepts of scholarship, with particular emphasis on the nature of learning and the results of teaching.
  • Helps institutions develop their capacities to make the organizational, pedagogical, and other changes needed to achieve their evolving missions.
  • Collaborates with individuals and organizations engaged in similar work.
  • Helps the government to set standards and oversees education.
  • Provides accreditation and certification across the board.

European Agency for Higher Education & Accreditation was established with a vision to promote the development and maintenance of quality and ethical standards in major industry verticals, across the globe. The development was made possible using standard-setting, evaluation, and consultation processes. European Agency for Higher Education & Accreditation identifies and accredits educational organizations that have attained and maintained the standards deemed necessary to operate according to our established quality and best business practices criteria. EAHEA is committed to promoting high standards of quality assurance benchmarking to recognize professional excellence and to provide an invaluable guide to quality and recognition in the complex sector for organizations worldwide.

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