Regulations for The Certification of Teachers

These regulations are established to ensure the integrity of the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation and all the services provided. These regulations are meant to be effective and their interpretation is based on the assumption of ethical values and an integrity spirit from each of the members of the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation.

These premises may evolve to address new situations or services upon a proposal from the members of the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation. Proposals will be accepted by the Commission from individuals or groups, including students, staff, faculty, members of the general public, governmental agencies, and other institutions or organizations. The Commission reviews any proposal and acknowledges its responsibility to provide a reasonable and impartial review. Proposals should be sent to the EAHEA Secretary.

1. Regulations for Conferring a Teacher Certificate

1.1. Definition of the Certificate for Teachers:

Every job requires a core set of expertise and business skill components that benchmark the individual’s ability to perform. As many teachers pursue their careers in the workplace, there is a need to differentiate between ordinary employment seekers and certified teachers. In order to meet the demands of the corporate world, EAHEA Certification enables teachers to become the top choice of employers and proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the business practice. EAHEA Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public.

1.2. Eligibility of Candidates for the Teacher Certificate:

Subject to these regulations, the Certification for Teachers is open to any person demonstrating any level of teacher ability. The EAHEA Secretary is responsible for considering the initial eligibility of Certification for Teachers applicants and must sign and endorse any Certification for Teachers recognition before it is passed to the commission members for evaluation.

In order to apply for a Teacher Certificate, the candidates must submit in electronic format the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Contact Data (address, telephone, email)
  • Birth Date
  • ID Picture
  • Copy of Passport or Official Identification
  • Details of Education
  • Details of Teacher Career to Date

This information must be authenticated by the following affidavit: "I declare that the information and documents presented are true and correct and that I understand the definition of the Teacher Certificate."

1.3. Qualification of Candidates for the Teacher Certificate:

The European Agency For Higher Education and Accreditation Secretary will reject any candidates that do not provide sufficient information and documents to demonstrate any level of teacher ability and teaching career. The European Agency For Higher Education and Accreditation shall review the submitted documents and decide on granting the Teacher Certificate. Qualification for the Teacher Certificate must be endorsed by 2 votes: the EAHEA Secretary and the EAHEA President. The applicant shall be informed in writing about the decision.

1.4. Denial or Revocation of the Teacher Certificate:

The Certificate of Teachers is a recognition granted by the European Agency For Higher Education and Accreditation on a discretional basis. In case of a negative decision, the EAHEA Secretary may instruct the candidate about future eligibility options and other recommendations. The Certificate of Teachers will be revoked if the European Agency For Higher Education and Accreditation learns of any deception by the candidate in connection with the documents or information provided to qualify for this certificate. Any refund and other rights will be lost previous, during, or after the qualification process. Before the EAHEA’s decision concerning denial or revocation of the Teacher Certificate, the person affected shall be given the opportunity to comment on the charges against him or her.

1.5. Costs & Procedures for the Teacher Certificate:

The steps for the conferment of a Teacher Certificate are:

  • Submit the Application Form, Curriculum Vitae, and documents to the EAHEA Secretary in electronic format.
  • The EAHEA Secretary will instruct about your initial eligibility for this award.
  • If the EAHEA Secretary endorses your eligibility you will be required to pay the fee.
  • Once the fee has been paid, your documents will be distributed among the Commission members. It takes one to two weeks to get the response from the Commission Members.
  • The EAHEA Secretary will register the votes required for the conferment of the certificate.
  • The Teacher Certificate will not be awarded until the required fees have been paid.

1.6. Legalization of the Teacher Certificate:

The EAHEA Certification Services may be legalized the "Teacher Certificate" with the Hague Convention Apostille or with a Consulate Legalization as appropriate. The EAHEA Secretary may take care of the corresponding legalization process. The EAHEA Secretary may use or hire the necessary agents or intermediaries required to complete the legalization process of any of EAHEA Certification Services. To order any legalization the applicant must send a request in writing to the EAHEA Secretary. The EAHEA Secretary will estimate a legalization budget (depending on the country´s legalization requirements) and communicate this to the applicant. All the fees required for the legalization process will be paid in advance to the EAHEA Secretary and are not subject to any refund.

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