EAHEA's Events

From time to time, EAHEA organizes regional and international seminars and online webinars across the world to raise the awareness of education providers about the international accreditation, its benefits and on several other topics that would assist the education providers in improving the educational standards, policies and processes of their institutes.

EAHEA's events comprise seminars, conferences and webinars that discuss the important and modern trends in education and the accreditation industry, and are aimed at providing new information in these fields. EAHEA's events provide an unsurpassed opportunity to learn from and network with industry leaders and peers as well as participate in programs built around practical, tangible ideas that can be immediately implemented to meet your own institutional challenges.

What do you gain from EAHEA's events?

• International Promotional Opportunity

Through our events your institute will be continuously connected and promoted with our numerous member institutes, thousands of other peers, social media portals and event sites.

• Free Eligibility Check of your Institute

By participating in EAHEA's events, your institution will be entitled to free eligibility check of the institute for acquiring EAHEA's international accreditation.

• Professional Development Opportunity

EAHEA's events serves for a professional development opportunity of your staff members by encouraging exchange of information, technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good educational practices on an international level.

• Gain & Share Knowledge With Professionals

EAHEA's events are an excellent opportunity for education and accreditation experts to share their firsthand knowledge and experiences for the attendees to benefit and update from the latest industry happenings.

• Increased Networking Opportunities

EAHEA's events are a platform where industry leaders from all over the world participate. This will allow you to meet new people who share who share your interests, thus allowing you to increase your network greatly.

• Improve your Institute's Educational Standards

The events will provide a chance for the participants to evaluate and enhance the quality of their educational programs, policies and procedures up to the international standards to benefit from enhanced international and regional recognition and students enrolments.