EAHEA's Accreditation for Students

EAHEA has helped a large number of students around the world with its international accreditation services. The students listed below have successfully met the accreditation requirements of the EAHEA and as a result are accredited as Fully Accredited Students.

Benefits of EAHEA Accreditation

• Dedicated Area

As soon as you become EAHEA Accredited Student, a personalized account area will be created for you on EAHEA's website. Your account area will give you free access to all the latest EAHEA news, happenings, updates, and all other related information. From your account area, you can also contribute for EAHEA's publications.

• Job Referrals & Placements

EAHEA's Accreditation for students provides them with a liberty to choose their future education providers and even employers. They become more desirable partners at other EAHEA accredited and non-accredited institutions, corporations and businesses, ultimately resulting in financial gains for them.

• Access to EAHEA's publications

EAHEA Accredited Students automatically gets subscribed to free publications of EAHEA such as newsletters, educational standards, etc. These publications are also aimed at promoting EAHEA's mission and their contents focus on the standardization of quality across the globe.

• Participation at EAHEA's events

Once you become an EAHEA Accredited Student, you will be welcome to participate in all our global events that are organized frequently in different parts of the world. These events include different workshops, seminars, and conferences, etc.

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