Application for Doctor of Excellence

Any highly qualified professionals from all fields seeking Doctor of Excellence Honoris Causa diploma (award) by the EAHEA must demonstrate that it meets all the EAHEA's standards and it must provide evidence in support of this application. Preparing this application and providing the required exhibits will guide the applicant through the minimum necessary to file the complete report for the assessment of the professional's career, services to the human kind and international achievements.


The Excellentia Doctor is a professional recognition that provides an independent quality assurance reference for highly qualified professionals from all fields, for those who strive for personal excellence, and who become a motivating example in their communities. The Doctor of Excellence is a recognized mark of professional ability, outstanding professional career, services to the human kind and international achievements. A Doctor of Excellence or Excellentia Doctor (Latin: 'for the sake of Excellence') is not an academic degree, consequently the usual academic requirements of a doctorate are waived. The Doctor of Excellence is an honorary award that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa.

In making this "Excellentia Doctor Application", I certify that all information contained within and accompanying this application to be true, and that I understand that award is a voluntary, non-governmental review process.

I confirm my commitment to the standards stated by the European Agency for Higher Education & Accreditation. Events which occur as a direct consequence of working practices deviating from or contravening these standards will be regarded as my sole responsibility and may lead to the termination of the award. Lack of payment of the required fees will lead to the termination of the award and any rights established in the EAHEA Regulations. Fees are not refundable.



Professionals beginning the Excellentia Doctor Award process must first complete and submit an Inquiry Questionnaire. The following questions serve as the basis for an initial assessment of the professional's eligibility for The Excellentia Doctor Award. Further, this step is designed to lessen the financial and logistical burden of a full award for those professionals that do not meet the established eligibility requirements. Acceptance of an professional's Inquiry Questionnaire does not constitute approval of the professional as an initial applicant, but allows it to continue to the application stage of the process.


By submitting this completed form, the professional attests that the information contained herein is true and correct. Further, the professional has reviewed the eligibility criteria outline in Doctor of Excellence Regulations page and believes that it meets these criteria. Upon receipt of this completed questionnaire and a €250 non-refundable processing fee (secretary services) by the EAHEA office, a preliminary determination of eligibility for the award will be initiated after which a notification letter will be forwarded to the professional.

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