President's Message

Welcome to The European Association for Higher Education and Accreditation

Thank you for visiting our website. As an educational and accreditation organization, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us and our educational information.

We at EAHEA are very proud of our long and prestigious, rich history. The fact that we have literally set the standards in higher education in all over the world for many years through our research, publications, conferences, and partnerships makes us the leader in this effort. We look forward to the next many years to the improvement of higher education which has come a long way, but has a long way to go.

Our organization was established to set the standards in all over the world in the field of education in more than 20 different disciplines and we have been responsible for providing outstanding educational information. Our specialty is in the area of accreditation, education information and membership to anyone looking to help promote quality higher education. Our regular members particularly value our continued dedication in the field of higher education.

EAHEA's primary function is to assure and strengthen academic quality and ongoing quality improvement in academic courses, programs and degrees.

EAHEA carries forward a long tradition of ensuring quality, accountability, and improvement in higher education. Recognition by EAHEA affirms that standards and processes of accreditation are consistent with quality, improvement, and accountability expectations that EAHEA has established. EAHEA will recognize regional, specialized, national, international and professional educational institutions. EAHEA supports contemporary scholarships and leading the way in digital revisioning of higher education.

EAHEA supports certain core academic values such as Institutional Autonomy, the valuing of the intellectual and academic authority of the faculty, education programs, site-based education and a community of learning, and collegiality and shared governance, sustain accreditation. Colleges and universities conduct their day-to-day business, develop strategic plans, generate operating budgets, and engage with students based on the perceived importance of these values. While the accreditation process allows considerable flexibility in how these values are honored, the higher education community itself insists that the values be addressed.

Accordingly, formal accreditation protects these values. Over the years, standards and criteria have evolved that require the investment of institutional resources in them. Accreditation standards also routinely require the maintenance of adequate campus facilities to sustain a community of learning, and call for a clear commitment to general education, consistent with institutional mission.

At EAHEA we are strongly committed to the principle that Post Secondary Education should have access to accreditation and recognition processes for accrediting organizations.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and Staff of EAHEA, I welcome you to our Internet Home.

Dr. Emily Brunner, M.D.