The aims and objectives of the European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) are as follows:

  • To foster collaboration and networking among higher education institutes and educational institutions across Europe.
  • To promote the exchange of best practices in teaching, research, and administration within the European education sector.
  • To support the development of institutive, program, and course accreditation and certification standards in the field of education.
  • To promote the development and maintenance of educational and ethical standards using standard-setting, evaluation, and consultation processes.
  • To facilitate professional development opportunities for educators and administrators in the field of education.
  • To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of education.

To meet the aims and objectives of the European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) shall among other activities:

  • Advocates for policies and initiatives that enhance the quality and accessibility of higher education in Europe.
  • Supports innovation and experimentation in teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Serves as a platform for sharing research findings and insights relevant to the advancement of higher education.
  • Provides resources and guidance to assist educational institutions in achieving their strategic goals and objectives.
  • Provides a major forum for communication and exchange among educational institutions, accrediting organizations, and certification programs.
  • Collaborates with governmental and non-governmental organizations to address challenges facing the European education sector.
  • Enhances the international reputation and competitiveness of European education through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Conducts research and publishes printed or digital works in the field of education, supports educational studies, and organizes/supports international events (seminars, webinars, panels, conferences, workshops, meetings, etc).
  • Organizes distance (online) or classroom (face-to-face) courses and local or global events to support higher educational, academic, and vocational activities.
  • Makes contact and develops cooperation with similar organizations in Europe and globally.
  • Constantly works on meeting the objectives at the lowest possible cost and based on transparent fees.

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