Pay An Invoice

If you have an open invoice to pay, please use one of the following methods:

1. Bank / Wire Transfers and Electronic Payments: Make your payments via bank/wire transfer using our bank accounts. Please click here for the bank accounts.

2. Credit and Other Payment Cards: Make your payments via Online Payment Form (see below). For your security, EAHEA does not directly accept nor store payment card or bank information and therefore will only accept credit/debit card transactions online through this form.

Split or partial invoice payments can be made by following these additional two steps: a) Add a numeric suffix to the end of the invoice number such as: -1, -2, -3 (Example: 1234-1 / 1234-2). b) Divide total due into unequal payment amounts such as €1,250 and €1,750 for a €3,000 invoice balance. Because the transactions that are exactly the same amount may be declined due to "Fraud or Duplicate" transaction merchant protection.

Special Note: Credit card payments incur a 3% transaction fee, which is charged by Stripe Payment Systems. Therefore, if you don't get the invoice yet, when you pay with a credit card, please convert according to this transaction, for example, 1000 + (1000 * 0.03) = 1030, etc.


We use Stripe Payment Platform for the online payment processes. Please write your invoice and card details below. Don't forget to choose the right currency shown on your invoice.

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