To be eligible for accreditation by EAHEA, an institution must meet the following requirements:

  • It is a formal or distance learning establishment that offers certificates, diplomas, or degrees at all levels.
  • It has an identified body of individuals actively involved in a prescribed learning format and setting. Programs offered must provide a clearly interactive component of educational methodology appropriate to the subject matter and expected training outcomes.
  • It can demonstrate continuous, ongoing, and successful operation of the institution in the delivery of education and/or training programs for at least one consecutive year immediately prior to application. At a minimum, one graduating class must have completed their training.
  • It has a continuous operation. The term "continuous operation" means that the principal educational and training activities of an institution, for which accreditation or reaccreditation is sought, have proceeded as scheduled without interruption.
  • Exceptions may be recognized after the fact when the interruption is caused by forces of nature, civil disorder, or abrupt and unforeseeable change in law or regulation affecting the institution.
  • An institution may apply for an exception before the fact upon application to the Accrediting Commission and a showing of good cause for the exception. Applications must be submitted in a timely manner, considering the circumstances, in order to permit proper consideration of the application.
  • It has been under the same ownership and/or control for at least one year immediately prior to application. This requirement may be waived by the Accrediting Commission upon provision of acceptable documentation showing the applicant institution is owned or controlled by an educational organization with a reputable history of stable operations and by individuals with extensive credentials that demonstrate competent administration of an accredited institution.
  • It agrees upon application and accreditation to abide by the EAHEA Bylaws, Principles of Ethics, EAHEA Standards for Accreditation, and EAHEA Standards for Accreditation Quality, policies and procedures and to support the goals and integrity of the accreditation process.
  • It has demonstrated a record of responsible financial management (minimum 1 year) with resources sufficient to maintain quality training and educational services and to complete the instruction of all enrolled participants.

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