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6 Innovative Tools to Boost Teacher Productivity

Teachers always go into overdrive to help the students reach their full potential. Teaching the students, guiding, lecturing, grading, there are so many things that one teacher takes care of while ensuring that students learn and earn good grades. Sometimes a teacher is able to finish off 10 tasks with a big smile and sometimes dealing with students alone can be frustrating. Teachers are often good at detaching themselves from their personal life therefore, this change of work speed and frustration is often a cause of reduced productivity.

Productivity is not a new term. It is a term from the industrial age– to increase the rate of output, by definition. However, the interpretation of productivity has evolved so much over the period of time. It is better to say that productivity is a quality of an individual to do more tasks in a more efficient way.

‘Stay productive’ is a slogan that can be seen everywhere, especially in the corporate world. Since productivity has a high impact on people around you, it is plastered on every single wall to improve the work environment. Working too hard without taking a break and dealing with multiple things can be exhausting for teachers. The class environment and even students can easily tell when the teacher is too tired to teach.

Effective teaching and teacher productivity are two different things, but they are connected to one another. Effective teaching can only be achieved when the teacher is in a good state of mind i.e. productive. To ensure that the environment of your class stays positive, teachers may want to get rid of the drowsiness. There are various tools that teachers can use in order to remain positively productive throughout the day.


The simple and user-friendly social media site Twitter is perfect for those educators who don’t consider them self as tech-savvy. It is a fact that learning trends have changed a lot and not all teachers are up to date with them. Twitter can be your source of information that would give you all the educational insight in a time-saving way. The word limit on twitter ensures that only important information reaches you. Instead of using Google to read lengthy blogs to find out small bits of information, explore daily and weekly hashtags to remain updated to the educational scene.


This writing tool comes in handy for administrators or teachers who have to write daily mails and long reports. Writing reports can be a tedious process and after some time, it gets boring. When you don’t feel motivated to write and edit, it only prolongs the process taking most of your time. Save your time by using Grammarly that uses artificial intelligence to proofread your work. By leaving the editing of small tidbits to Grammarly, you can pay all your attention to the content and make sure that you use the write tone and words while delivering your message.


If you have ever laid down on the bed and wondered where did you spend all the time, then this app might be just what you need. RescueTime tracks your daily activity and provides an exhaustive report at the end of the day. It distributes the time that you spend on each app, website, or social media site. It also manages the time for you by analyzing where you spend your most time and what is most distracting for you. Teachers can use this application to spend their day wisely by making a schedule for themselves and check at the end of the day whether they succeeded or not. This application can be a game-changer for teachers who are busy and want to spend their time smartly.

Forest App

Tech-obsessed teachers mostly find it hard to put their phones down while they are teaching. It’s a big no for teachers to use a phone in class when it is not for academic purposes. Forest is another mobile phone application that can solve this issue for you. This app features a small tree that grows further for as long as you stay away from the phone, as long as you switch to another app, the tree withers. The best part about this app is that you can buy the premium version and plant real trees on earth once your tree progress completes on the app. This is an extremely productive application that would help you stay away from the phone while doing something good for the environment, as well. You can also ask your students to use this application in class, to save yourself from the trouble of saying “put that down.”


This application is the ultimate favorite of teachers who use digital methods of teaching in class. Internet browsing is your best friend when it comes to writing a report or making a planner. Not all the teachers use heavy-duty computers, the basic computer systems usually choke when you open ten different tabs on the browser. This browser extension can save you a lot of trouble and headache. By adding this to your browser you can list down all your tabs under one tab. This won’t only make it easier for you to look for your desired tabs but would save 95% of your computer’s memory. You can easily complete your work in no time without getting frustrated.


It is another mobile app to boost up your productivity that lists down your daily tasks. The application can help you free up your mental space by noting down your tasks. It is a very simple application for teachers who need a little bit of digital assistance to get by.

If you can’t afford to have an assistant, then allow yourself a little digital help to remain calm and productive all day. These tools are ideal for teachers who have just started to acquaint themselves with the digital world and are extremely simple to use. Boost up your productivity to remain in a positive mood all day, so that you can effectively teach your class.

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