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How Can You Make A Boring Class Lecture More Dynamic?

Are you tired of applying the same old techniques and methods to your teaching?

Are your students not taking interest during classroom lectures and lack attention?

What must be done? How can children be made to start liking the class lecture and take active participation throughout?

Well that’s simple. You don’t have to climb Himalayas for it. Just a little change can do wonders in your classroom.

Teachers do their best to make their lessons and lectures less boring for their students. Students these days belong to the technological world. They feel bored and don’t find old teaching techniques of much worth. Teachers must learn to get along with the students and try to plan out class lectures keeping the interests and needs at prior.

Here are 5 simple ways to make your lectures more dynamic for students that will take their attention for sure.

Enthrall Your Students From The Start

At the time teachers are given training about professional and effective teaching strategies, they are taught to plan lectures with start-ups or warm-up activities. The purpose of beginning the lecture with a start-up activity is to get the students’ attention and engage them in the class. Teacher must plan creative and interesting activities that takes the students’ interest wholly. It will also help you get the kids settled and divert their minds to your lesson.

Be Organized

If you want your lecture to be a dynamic one then you need to plan to be organized. This brings in the organization of your lesson accordingly, managing the time wisely, also the organization of the classroom. Before entering the classroom, give time to yourself and think on how much content can be taught in the particular time period. Do no plan too much content as it may be harmful for the students to retain too much of it in one time. Focus on less quantity and more quality of the content. Always start from the end, i.e. what are you expecting from the students to learn at the end of the lesson. Plan your lesson accordingly and organize it by applying relevant teaching methodology for an effective class learning. If you are properly organized, it will automatically keep your class in control.

Stay Student-Centered

The teacher must always think of planning lessons that are totally student-centered. Student-centered learning focuses mainly on students learning, keeping students as the center part of attention. A teacher must put maximum effort to keep her lectures student-centered, involving all students of the classroom as a whole. This makes the students active throughout and responsible of their own learning. Student-centered learning makes more room for all students to learn and retain something from the entire lesson.

Be Animated

You must be wondering how your animation can turn the lecture into a dynamic one.

Well we can call teachers as all-rounders. Teachers have the ability to do anything. They are dictators, leaders, actors, poets, authors, and what not. A teacher is responsible for carrying her lesson from failure to success and vice versa. Try to use some variations in yourself, such as, a change in your tone can make your students follow you throughout. Emphasis on the words or parts which you want the students to pay attention at. High and low tone can be used to create a mesmerizing effect on the content taught. Your body language and eye contact matters the most. Do not rest yourself on the chair, lectern or podium. Move around the classroom and give attention to all the students present, and not just the front benchers and favourites. Sound real and be conversational in tone. You can also add some humour too, since students are more motivated when they’re having fun. If you take the lesson as fun so will your students.

Question Time

Questioning is one of the most important tool a teachers uses during the lectures. Question and answers session between the teacher and the students is a way to ensure interaction and engagement of students in the class. Moreover, through this session children learn from another too as well as the teacher. Questions can also be used as a start-up activity or in the end to wrap-up the content. Involving students through questioning helps to maintain their attention, which is vital when information is complex and lectures are long.

These are a few ways to make your lecture more interesting for your students. You can bring in your own techniques and strategies that can be best for your classroom environment.

For more unique and simple strategies stay tuned with us. You can also read our article on collaborative learning for an effective classroom environment.

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