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5 People Share The Most Unique Work Perks They´ve Seen

Many companies are getting creative with their benefits in order to attract and retain employees. Keep reading to learn about some unique workplace perks.

Not Your Average Benefits

It used to be that good health insurance, a 401K and a decent amount of time off were the main benefits that employees were looking for. Those days are long gone. In today´s work environment, employees want to see companies going above and beyond to offer unique perks. Below, five people share some of the unique benefits they´ve come across.

Funding for Shared Interest Activities

"The most unique company benefit is Pandora´s PERG - Pandora Employee Resource Groups. PERG allows a group of 5 or more employees with a shared interest to apply for $1,000 in funding from the company. I met a group of lucky Pandora employees at a local bar who just participated in the Playa Del Rey triathlon relay… They had gathered nine employees who were swimmers, bikers or runners to compete in three teams. Once they were approved for funding, serious training began. They did take advantage of another PERG perk, which is a mobility/flexibility group that funds in-office yoga sessions and massages.

The triathlon took place at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa Del Rey, California. Cheered on by Pandora supporters, the three groups participated in the sprint event - 600-meter swim, 20K bike and 5K run. Winning was not the point - it was the group effort that counted. Pandora has created a true intracompany collaboration, blurring the distinction between management and employee. Actively supporting and encouraging employee involvement outside of work creates cooperation in the office - all while having fun!"

-Nicolas Christensen, Founder, Lottery Critic

Free Hotel Stays

"I offer my employees hotel bookings to attractive tourist destinations as gifts in return for their outstanding performances for my business. … Basically, I announce a three-level hotel booking options for all my employees - five-, three- and one-night stays at different spots every year. The options are delivered according to their services in descending order. Whoever attains a preset level of accomplishment gets the announced stay voucher for that particular level.

Everyone loves to enjoy holidays with the beloved ones and holidays become more enjoyable if you can spend those at your favorite attractive destination. These stay vouchers I offer help my employees to spend the most memorable holidays with their families by spending only for food and transport. Providing this unusual employee benefit along with the regular benefits has become very popular and useful in my business. My employees like this service benefit very much and all of them work very hard to win the top stay vouchers."

-Andrei Vasilescu, CEO and Digital Marketing Specialist, DontPayFull

Help With Childcare and ID Protection

"In my current organization, there are two unique benefits offered. One is back up child and adult/elder care. The program can be used anytime or last minute when regular childcare is not available or there is a school closing. The benefit can be used up to 15 days a year at a subsidized rate. There have been many positive responses to this program. There are many single mothers in my organization and from time to time when their main child care person is unavailable this program comes in handy.

The second unique benefit is identity protection through a certified vendor. This benefit assists in protection to counteract fraud and resolve identity theft issues. The employees find this most helpful as some in my organization have become victim to identity theft. The employees are happy they do not have to go through the hassle of finding the best company as we have done all of the screening for the best vendor."

-Jillian Seijo, Human Resources, DevelopIntelligence

Products to Take Home

"Since we are a consumer product reviews company, I allow my employees to decide which products they want to review and then I let them keep said product after they are done. For example, I recently allowed an employee to review an online sofa and she was able to furnish her apartment once the review was published (a $1,500 value). One of my other employees recently reviewed a popular bed-in-a-box and was able to get rid of his old mattress once the review was finished ($1,000 value)."

-Jeffrey Rizzo, Founder and CEO, RIZKNOWS and The Slumber Yard

6-Hour Workdays

"The most unique company benefit I´ve ever seen is a 6-hour workday. This is a fantastic setup for people who spend a lot of time learning new skills on their own time, parents of young kids, and people who generally want a work/life balance."

-Elizabeth Bradshaw, Owner, Canvas Art Boutique

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