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5 Workplace Perks That Are Better Than Food

Yes, we all love food. It´s a fantastic, if obvious, workplace benefit. But some workplace perks are even better. Don´t believe us? Here are five examples to change your mind.

Let´s just admit it: there are very few things in this world that can make your day like free food. Food is comfort, pleasure, and communion - not to mention necessary for remaining alive. And it´s even better when you don´t have to pay for it.

Employers are no stranger to this undeniable fact of life. That´s why food as a workplace perk is becoming increasingly common and why there´s likely to be pizza at that optional meeting that nobody really wants to go to. Food motivates. It makes employees happy.

That being said, food isn´t the end-all be-all of workplace perks. In fact, we´d say there are five things that are better. What could they possibly be? Read on to find out.

1. Massages

Massages are a small luxury that make a big difference in how relaxed you feel. But they´re expensive and inconvenient and easy to forget about. That´s why in-office massages are such a great perk. Usually, working in the office means hours of discomfort, back pain, slouching, and perhaps even carpal tunnel. Employers can turn the tables and make their employees comfortable for once by bringing in massage therapists once a month. (Or more often. Why not?) We bet nobody calls in sick on Massage Day.

2. Events During Work Hours

Team- and company-wide events are great. They´re good opportunities for bonding, they build company loyalty, and they make employees happy. One way to assure employees will appreciate company events is to make them fun and special, like a trip to the beach or laser tag. But what´s even more important than the actual content of the event? Timing. A fun company event is five times better when it´s during work hours. Employees get a break from their daily grind, and they don´t have to take time out during their precious weekend and evening hours. Who doesn´t want to get paid to have fun?

3. Gym Memberships

Gym memberships or, better yet, fitness stipends that allow employees to choose where they want to work out, are a must as far as office perks go. Because people need the opportunity to work off all of that free food. This one´s a no-brainer. Not having to pay for your gym membership means one fewer monthly expense, which is always a relief. And employees who exercise will be healthier and less stressed, which is great for the employer, too.

4. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance includes things like reduced summer hours, the option to work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days, a flexible telecommuting policy, and sabbaticals. Basically, the best work perk is when work doesn´t take over your entire life. Whether that means being able to shift work hours to fit your lifestyle or just working less sometimes, it´s a game-changer.

5. Pet-Friendly Offices

Offices that allow pets are great for everybody (so long as there´s also free office allergy medicine.) Pet owners get to relieve a major stressor, the issue of what to do with their pet while they´re at work, and all the other employees get the benefit of being surrounded by furry friends who are basically happiness generators. And hey, why not offer free pet food, too? Because even if it´s not one of our top five perks, food is still appreciated by humans and fluffy buddies alike.

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