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7 Things to Look for During Your Job Hunt

Are you embarking upon a search for a new job? When seeking a new place to work, looking for these seven things can help you find a company where you´ll be happy.

Job Hunt Considerations

Often, in the midst of a job hunt, it´s easy to get caught up in making yourself look like an appealing candidate to the companies where you´re applying to work. However, it´s important not to forget that it´s equally crucial to find the right employer for you. Most people spend a large portion of their time in the workplace, meaning that the decision of where to work has a significant impact on your life. That´s why we recommend looking into these seven key things during your job hunt.

1. A Culture That´s a Good Fit

If you´re going to spend upwards of eight hours in your workplace every day, it´s critical that the company culture is a good fit for your personality. For example, would you:

• Feel more comfortable in a formal or casual office?
• Prefer a more collaborative or individualistic environment?
• See yourself spending time with your future co-workers every day?

Asking yourself these questions can help you find a place to work that you´ll enjoying going to every day, a place that can feel like a second home to you.

2. A Company Whose Mission Aligns With Your Interests

Organizations don´t just exist without a reason; every company that you´ll be considering has a mission, goals, and values that they pursue every day. Whether the company´s mission is something philanthropic and noble, like providing clean water to underprivileged communities, or something more progress-focused, like developing new technology, you´ll want to make sure that it excites and interests you. After all, your daily work will be contributing directly to that mission. If you feel a sense of passion for what your employer is trying to achieve, you´ll feel that much more excited about your day-to-day activities.

3. A Transparent Organization

Wherever you work, it´s important to know what´s going on in the workplace. On a larger scale, you´ll want to understand why your company is making the decisions it´s making, how it´s doing financially, and in which direction it´s moving. On a more micro level, you´ll want to know how your manager views you and understand the value of the projects you´re working on. The more of this type of information you have access to, the more you´ll be able to buy into your job and feel like a real part of the workplace community.

That´s why it´s a good idea to look for a transparent company that you can trust to be open about such matters. It´s much more agreeable than being in the dark, feeling like something is going on that you don´t know about.

4. A Stabile and Secure Situation

As many different reasons as you might have for doing the job you do, it´s undeniable that one of the most important is to make a living that allows you to support yourself. For this reason, job security is tremendously important. Look into your potential employer´s company history to determine its level of stability. For example, has it:

• Ever declared bankruptcy?
• Gone through any significant organizational restructuring?
• Often laid off a portion of its staff?

Also ask yourself:

• How is the company doing financially?
• Does it seem to have longevity in its sector?

Then choose a company that you trust will be able to provide you with a measure of job security.

5. An Opportunity for Growth

If you plan on staying at your new job for a number of years, you´ll probably want to have some opportunity for advancement in the organization. Growth allows you to:

• Stay engaged
• Take on more responsibility
• Earn a higher salary
• Make progress in your career

Before you commit to a new company, make sure that you´ll have the ability to advance within the organization. Inquire as to its approach to employee growth and what sort of positions you might be able to advance to so you´ll always have a next step for which to strive.

6. Access to Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Another way to avoid feeling stagnant in your position is if your company offers opportunities for continuous learning. This will allow you to grow as an employee on a regular, even week-to-week basis. Look for a company that shows it values learning by offering:

• Tuition reimbursement or education assistance benefits
• Ongoing employee training
• Opportunities for employees to pair with one another on new projects

If you can´t find information about the company´s approach toward ongoing learning, don´t be afraid to ask. This will give you the information you need and reflect well on you as a candidate who´s interested in improvement and lifelong learning.

7. The Full Compensation Picture

A monetary salary isn´t the only way that employees are compensated. Depending on the company, you´ll also receive benefits, such as:

• Health insurance
• Vacation time
• A pension plan
Perks, such as free food, company events, and a gym membership

All of these things together are what represent the total compensation you´ll be receiving from a company, and they should be a consideration during your job hunt. Ask yourself how important certain benefits are to you, and look at the entire compensation picture when making decisions.

Find the Right Fit

What you bring to the table as an employee is valuable. Companies want to hire you as much as you want to be hired. Don´t let the stress of the job hunt allow you to forget that. If you keep these seven considerations in mind during your job hunt, we´re confident you´ll be able to find the right employer for you.

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