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How to Know If A Company Will Invest in Your Future?

Are you in the process of evaluating whether a certain company is a good fit for you? Don´t forget to determine whether or not the organization will invest in your future. Here´s how you´ll know.

An Investor in You

When you imagine your dream workplace, what do you wish for? For us, an ideal employer is one that invests in its employees´ futures. This shows that the company truly cares about its employees, seeing them as more than just human capital. When an organization devotes its own precious resources to contributing to your future success, it proves itself to be a company worth working for. Here are a few ways that you can tell if a company deserves this designation.

It Regularly Sets Goals

When your employer regularly gives you performance goals and objectives to aim for, it means that the company is truly invested in the outcomes of your work. Certainly, this approach benefits both parties, but it doesn´t necessarily indicate that the company is only concerned about what you´re producing for its own sake. It also means that the organization wants you to push yourself, to focus on what you can accomplish next, and to grow as an employee and even as an individual.

Without goals to strive for, you´ll be left floundering, responsible for determining your next move on your own. Having regular objectives provided to you by your company gives you something to work toward during your journey toward self-improvement.

It Knows and Promotes Your Aspirations

A company that invests in your future will check in with you on a regular basis about what you hope to achieve both in your current position and in your career. At such an organization, your managers will make it their business to know what inspires and motivates you in the workplace and where you hope to end up in your future. They´ll explicitly ask you about your aspirations, instead of making assumptions. Not only that, but they´ll follow up by suggesting opportunities for how you can pursue these goals and come closer to your intended outcomes. When a company cares about your future, it will partner with you and help you get to where you want to be.

It Offers Ongoing Learning Opportunities

One of the best signs that an employer is invested in your future is when it offers ongoing opportunities for you to learn and grow. Ask yourself:

Does your company offer tuition reimbursement or another education benefit?

How would your company respond if you expressed interest in attending a conference related to your field?

What does your employer do if you want to work on a new type of project?

How would your co-workers respond if you asked to pair up with them in order to try out a new kind of task?

What is your company´s approach to training? How much training do you get upon starting your job and is there any ongoing training offered afterwards?

These questions will help guide you when determining just how much opportunity a company is giving you to learn, which can indicate its level of investment in your development as an employee and, therefore, your future.

It Acknowledges Your Hard Work

When a company cares about your future, higher-ups are aware of the ways in which you´re succeeding and reward you accordingly. Whether it´s through a raise, a formal promotion, an increase in responsibilities, or even just a mid-day treat, a company that invests in your future will show you that it values your efforts. Conversely, supervisors will also keep track of whether you´re falling behind so that they can help guide you back onto the right path toward success.

Partnering in Your Growth

If you can confirm that your current company meets all of these criteria, or find a new one that does, you´ll enter into a true partnership in which both parties have a vested interest in your professional growth. Once you´ve found that situation, the future will be brighter - for everyone involved.

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