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What Should You Do When Faced with Mobbing in the Workplace?

Mobbing, also known as workplace bullying, is a serious problem that can have significant negative impacts on the mental and physical health of the person being targeted, as well as on the overall work environment. If you are facing mobbing in the workplace, it´s important to take steps to protect yourself and address the situation. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Document the behavior:

Keep a record of the specific instances of mobbing, including the date, time, and details of what happened. This can be helpful in supporting any formal complaint you may make later.

2. Talk to someone you trust:

It can be helpful to discuss the situation with someone you trust, such as a close friend, family member, or a mental health professional. This can help you process your feelings and get support.

3. Seek help from HR or a supervisor:

If the mobbing is severe or persistent, consider reporting the behavior to your human resources department or a supervisor. They may be able to help address the situation and provide support.

4. Take care of yourself:

Make sure to prioritize self-care while dealing with mobbing. This can include things like getting enough sleep, eating well, and participating in activities you enjoy.

5. Seek legal help:

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek legal help in order to address the situation. An attorney or a local anti-bullying organization may be able to provide guidance and support.

It´s important to remember that you don´t have to deal with mobbing on your own. Seeking help and support can make a big difference in addressing the situation and protecting your well-being.

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