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Why Helping Employees Earn A Degree Is The Ultimate Way to Show Appreciation

This Employee Appreciation Day, show your employees how grateful you are for all of their hard work with the ultimate act of appreciation: helping them earn a college degree. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Employee Appreciation

National Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 2. If you´re an executive or a manager thinking about how you can show your employees that you appreciate and care about them, don´t bother with that witty mug or Starbucks gift card. There´s something else you can do that will not only benefit your company, but also show your employees - more than anything else - just how much you value them: helping them to earn a college degree. Here´s why.

It Can Advance Their Careers

There´s no better gift than the gift of future job security and success. Giving employees the chance to earn a college degree is the equivalent of providing them with the possibility of a brighter future. Whether your employees stay loyal to your company forever or eventually end up moving on in their careers, a college degree will help open doors to promotions and pay increases. They´ll be able to include it on their in-house resumes and job applications, or even use it to help them pursue further higher education.

However your employees choose to use their credential, their future will be brighter because of their college education. Now that´s appreciation.

It Helps Their Wallets

As much as we like to tell ourselves that all of our employees come to work every day because they absolutely love what they do, we know that people do their jobs for one reason above all others: to earn a living. Helping your employees pay for a college education relieves them of a tremendous financial burden and what could be crippling student debt, the value of which is greater than anything you could possibly fit on a gift card.

It Builds Their Confidence

Many adults who always wanted to but never earned a college degree go through their daily lives with a sense of incompleteness, like there´s something on a to-do list that they never got to tick off. Helping your employees achieve something so challenging and momentous will change how they perceive themselves and their lives. They´ll get to experience the joy of finally accomplishing something they´ve wanted to for a long time. They´ll also attain the confidence and boost in self-image that accompanies a major achievement. You know how great your employees are; this is your chance to help them see it for themselves.

It´s Theirs For Life

Unlike many other, more typical things you can do for your employees to show your appreciation, a college education is something that they will have for life. They can´t spend it, get rid of it, donate it, or break it. It´s a lasting token of your appreciation that will only become more valuable with time, especially given the way college tuition costs continue to rise with each passing year. No matter what your employees´ futures hold, they´ll always remember who helped them earn their college degrees. When appreciation meets gratitude, everyone is happy. A win-win indeed.

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