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Why You Should Help Your Employees Earn A College Degree?

Are you thinking about helping your employees earn a college degree by offering an education benefit to your workforce? Your head is in the right place. This blog post will tell you why.

What´s the Buzz?

If you´re in any way in charge of what benefits employees get, whether you are in HR, an executive, a CEO, or merely a person with a significant talent for persuading people of things, you´ve probably heard that you should help your employees earn a college degree. If you´re wondering why, wonder no more. Here are the reasons.

Smarter Employees

By giving your employees a college education, you increase and improve their skill set. This has the effect of making them better at their current job and helping to prepare them for increased responsibility in the workplace. That way, you increase the pool of employees from which you can draw for higher-skilled positions, helping them to work their way up in the company. This is especially helpful if you like to promote from within, which, as you know, is a great way to save money. And we bet if there´s anything you like to do, it´s save money. (Don´t guess how we know.)

It Will Enhance Their Soft Skills

In addition to increasing your employees´ hard skills and abilities, a college education enhances their soft skills. It teaches them to value and engage in lifelong learning. It improves their work ethic by pushing them to balance work with school. And it improves their confidence. Think about it - an employee who realizes that they are capable of attaining a valuable college degree after all will have the self-esteem to engage in problem-solving in the workplace, to lead teams, and to ask for increased responsibility. Turns out ´soft´ is a great quality to have in more than just your laundry.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

So that sounds great and all, but what else? You want something more concrete? We got it. Simply put, helping your employees earn a college degree helps your company´s bottom line by reducing turnover. The highly valuable benefit of college assistance encourages employees to stay at their company both out of a sense of appreciation and in order to actually take advantage of the benefit. Less turnover means less dollars spent on replacing trained employees. Need we remind you of what we said earlier about how you love saving money?

Further, you´ll make yourself more appealing to potential new employees, particularly those who are ambitious, value education, and want to improve themselves. (Sounds like a good candidate to us!) This is definitely a boon in these times when the unemployment rate in the United States is relatively low and the recruitment of talent becomes more competitive.

And with the recent wave of new degree providers who cut costs and increase convenience by taking the college education process online, you really have no reason not to give this benefit a shot. The only question that remains: What are you waiting for?

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