EAHEA Certification for Business Professionals

Every job requires a core set of expertise and business skill components that benchmark the individual’s ability to perform. As many professionals pursue their careers in the workplace, there is a need to differentiate between ordinary employment seekers and certified professionals. Up to date EAHEA has business certification to thousands business management experts.

In order to meet the demands of the corporate world, EAHEA Certification enables business professionals to become the top choice of employers and proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the business practice. EAHEA Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public.

  • Coaching Certificate
  • Mentoring Certificate
  • Accountant Certificate
  • Auditor Certificate
  • Human Resources Professional Certificate
  • Marketing and Sales Professional Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Professional Certificate
  • Finance Professional Certificate
  • Health Care Professional Certificate
  • Customer Services Professional Certificate
  • Risk Management Professional Certificate
  • Management Professional Certificate
  • Other Certificates in the field of Business

EAHEA Certification for IT Professionals

EAHEA Certification for IT Professionals verifies the profound knowledge in the area of computing technology implementation, configuration and service management.

This certificate proves that the candidate has an advanced understanding within the respective profile and is able to apply these skills practically and provide guidance in project implementation and business optimization. The EAHEA Certified Technology Professional can be involved in the planning, design and implementation. Getting certified is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT industry. Whether you work for an enterprise, a small business, government, healthcare or any other place that employs IT professionals, your best bet for career advancement is to validate your skills and knowledge through a carefully chosen combination of certification credentials. There´s no denying it, EAHEA certified IT professionals continue to be in high demand as more and more companies adopt technologies today around the world.

  • IT Consultant Certificate
  • Web Developer Certificate
  • Mobile Application Developer Certificate
  • Full Stack Developer Certificate
  • Education Technologies Certificate
  • Software Engineer Certificate
  • Cloud Architect Certificate
  • Geospatial Professionals Certificate
  • Computer Forensic Investigator Certificate
  • Data Modeler Certificate
  • Health IT Specialist Certificate
  • Other Certificates in the Field of IT

EAHEA Certification for Legal Professionals

EAHEA has certified thousands legal professionals. EAHEA recognizes that now, more than ever, the role for individuals entering the legal profession is changing. This certification proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the practice of their specialized field of law.

EAHEA Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public.

  • IT Law Certificate
  • International Law Certificate
  • Business (Corporate) Law Certificate
  • Labor (Employment) Law Certificate
  • Civil Rights Certificate
  • Military Law Certificate
  • Criminal Law Certificate
  • Admiralty (Maritime) Law Certificate
  • Intellectual Property Law Certificate
  • Bankruptcy Law Certificate
  • Other Certificates in the Field of Law

EAHEA Certification for Engineering Professionals

EAHEA recognizes the need of engineers and other technical professionals to develop and validate their skills in technical management as they progress through their careers. To meet such needs of engineers, EAHEA has created engineers certification for engineering professionals such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, computer engineers, electrical engineers, genetic engineers, biomedical engineers etc.

EAHEA has certified over thousands engineering professionals. This certification proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the practice of their specialized field of engineering. EAHEA Certification is an advanced qualification beyond licensure recognized by clients, employers, peers, and the public. EAHEA Certification demonstrates attainment of a body of knowledge within a specialty area of engineering and commitment to stay current on new technological innovations.

  • Computer Engineering Certificate
  • Aerospace Engineering Certificate
  • Electrical Engineering Certificate
  • Electronic Engineering Certificate
  • Mechanical Engineering Certificate
  • Genetic Engineering Certificate
  • Biomedical Engineering Certificate
  • Chemical Engineering Certificate
  • Civil Engineering Certificate
  • Other Certificates in the Field of Engineering

Benefits for EAHEA Certification for Professionals

1. Resume Forwarded For Better Career Prospects: Your resume will be made available to various recruiters including top multinational organizations around the globe.

2. Free Lifetime Cover Letter & ATS-Friendly Resume Writing Services: EAHEA Certification for Professionals will open doors to many job opportunities for you globally. Your ATS-friendly resume will have an edge over others and will prove to be a ticket to your dream job.

3. Global Credential Recognition: After getting business certification by EAHEA your credentials will be recognized globally.

4. Global Professional Recognition: EAHEA Certification allows you to collaborate with high quality peers of professional credentials.

5. Current Affairs About Your Sector: EAHEA Certification allows you to access current affairs about your business sector.

What You Get Upon Certification?

  • EAHEA Professional Certificate
  • EAHEA’s Certification Seal
  • Certified Members Directory Listing
  • ID Card

Legalization of the Professionals´ Certification:

The EAHEA Certification Services may be legalized the "Professionals´ Certification" with the Hague Convention Apostille or with a Consulate Legalization as appropriate. The EAHEA Secretary may take care of the corresponding legalization process. The EAHEA Secretary may use or hire the necessary agents or intermediaries required to complete the legalization process of any of EAHEA Certification Services. To order any legalization the applicant must send a request in writing to the EAHEA Secretary. The EAHEA Secretary will estimate a legalization budget (depending on the country legalization requirements) and communicate this to the applicant. All the fees required for the legalization process will be paid in advance to the EAHEA Secretary and are not subject to any refund.

Please go to the "Application for Professional Certification" page to review special localizated fees for your country.