EAHEA Certification for Teachers and Instructors

If you wish to enhance your employment opportunities globally and teach at some of the world’s renowned academic institutes, then EAHEA´s Teacher and Instructor Certification is for you.

Up to date more than thousands of teachers and instructors worldwide have earned their jobs through EAHEA. If you also wish to join their league, all you need to do is apply for EAHEA´s Teacher and Instructor Certification. Being our certified teacher or instructor, we will redraft your resume and forward your profile to 100´s of recruiters including EAHEA´s accredited institutes. This will open doors to multiple employment opportunities for you assuring your employability.

Benefits for EAHEA Certification for Teachers and Instructors

1. Resume Forwarded For Better Career Prospects: Your resume will be made available to various recruiters including top multinational organizations around the globe.

2. Free Lifetime Cover Letter & ATS-Friendly Resume Writing Services: EAHEA Certification for Teacher and Instructor will open doors to many job opportunities for you globally. Your ATS-friendly resume will have an edge over others and will prove to be a ticket to your dream job.

3. Global Credential Recognition: After getting business certification by EAHEA your credentials will be recognized globally.

4. Global Professional Recognition: EAHEA Certification allows you to collaborate with high-quality peers of professional credentials.

5. Current Affairs About Your Sector: EAHEA Certification allows you to access current affairs about your business sector.

What Do You Get Upon Certification?

  • EAHEA Teacher Certificate
  • EAHEA’s Certification Seal
  • Certified Members Directory Listing
  • E-delivery of News Alerts and Newsletter
  • Discounts for all EAHEA sponsored events

Teacher Certification Certificate
Sample Certificate
European Union Intellectual Property Office
International Trade Council
International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation
Tourism Academicians Association
African International Institute of Business Valuers and Management