Accreditation of Online Courses


If you are a traditional or online course and distance learning center, EAHEA´s international accreditation for online courses is specially designed for you. It represents your online course´s commitment to providing quality education that is on a par with the global standards.

EAHEA´s accreditation process is very simple and can be achieved within 30 days. It requires you to fill an application form, submit validation documents and get an online visit to your Course. Once EAHEA´s institutional accreditation is granted, it will enhance your online course profile on an international level. However, this is not the last step; we will be guiding you on regular basis to improve your educational standards through our continuous improvement process.

In today´s academic world, accreditation of an online course or distance learning center is important for students, faculty, and administrative staff. Students always prefer to enroll at an accredited corporation as they believe that it will offer quality and internationally recognized programs. An accredited course also has a globally renowned and respected course as well as ample facilities that serve to enhance students´ learning experience. Reputed employers and organizations all over the world also prefer to hire candidates who graduated from accredited courses.

To pursue its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, the EAHEA grants international accreditation to online courses and distance learning centers committed to providing students with a world-class education. Mentioned below are some of the benefits you can enjoy as soon as you are granted EAHEA´s accreditation:

What Will You Get Upon Institutional Accreditation?

EAHEA´s Institutional Accreditation Certificate and Seal:

Upon receiving Institutional Accreditation, the institution will get an Institutional Accreditation Certificate and Seal that your institution can use to promote on several mediums including your website, official documents, and marketing collaterals.

Continuous Improvement of your Educational Standards:

EAHEA will send its recommendation reports at regular intervals to enhance your institution´s educational practices and standards. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you with your queries.

Benefits of EAHEA Accreditation


The accredited member institution going through the self-assessment process guided by the European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) standards will learn how to further enhance its educational quality, how to improve its internal and administrative processes, and how to optimize its overall outcome.


Each European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) accredited member institution will receive a recognition diploma certifying the accreditation. This status may be permanently checked by any third party at the EAHEA website.


The European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) will promote its accredited members through the Internet and will forward any request to the appropriate institution. The European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) will finally reinforce the decision process of some potential students by emailing verification of the accreditation status of its members to any questioner.


All the EAHEA accredited member institutions aim towards similar quality and long terms goals despite their country of origin. This goal is reassured by the EAHEA accreditation they share. This fact facilitates the establishment of diverse types of international cooperation and agreements among member institutions, such as learning from other colleagues around the world, establishing academic synergies, creating cooperative global market strategies, etc.

Quality Control:

The European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) accreditation does not only provide a warranty of academic quality, educational integrity, and administrative responsibility of the accredited institutions but also ensures continuous quality monitoring and feedback. The EAHEA welcomes complaints, suggestions, and comments related to any member institution. These comments may provide useful and quick feedback to the institution about any academic or marketing actions it conducts. Comments are also efficient to help the institution in detecting problems as well as to monitor that EAHEA standards are respected.

Conflict Resolution:

The European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) may intervene in several ways in the resolution of conflict within the different layers of the accredited institution. The EAHEA may arbitrate disputes between members and/or students. The EAHEA may guide and support the institution during periods of serious difficulty, potential liability, insecurity of continuation, and even possible shut down. The European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA) advice will be always aimed to preserve student welfare.

Accreditation of Online Courses
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Accreditation of Online Courses
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